T0 Immersive

A full cab replica, fully functioning with real, or replica, controls

The T0 can be a fully enclosed module that exactly replicates all aspects of the cab interior using real cab parts. Where there are no originals available, consoles and panels can be reverse engineered.

Mounted directly to the floor or on top of a 6 degree of freedom (DoF) motion platform, the T0 can accurately replicate forces encountered during driving. Multiple large format ultra-high definition screens faithfully reproduce the field of view visible to the driver through full size window apertures. Further screens are added as necessary to simulate the external rear-view mirrors, internal rear-view mirror, side doors, vehicle control system screens and any other information required by the driver during operation. All vehicle controls are sourced from vehicle manufacturer suppliers and are configured to behave exactly as they do under actual driving conditions. An accurate replica of the vehicle’s unique Master Controller, characterised to behave exactly as the real one, is included.

A multiple channel audio system provides a fully immersive and accurate sound experience. Additional hardware can be added in the form of CCTV and eye-tracking cameras to provide a video stream to the Instructor and/or Observer Stations.

Sessions are controlled remotely by the Instructor to enhance realism. The T0 is suitable for the following training applications:

  • Full driver training
  • Full cab control familiarisation
  • Route familiarisation
  • Emergency procedures
  • Fault finding
  • Communication with Control
  • Degraded operation training
  • Incident replication and debrief
  • Hazard perception
  • Observer training